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HEY!!! Welcome to my homepage. You maybe thinking why have I done this page in english if I'm a Puertorrican who wants the independence of his country? It's simple--Because I want everybody who come here to understand my message and if any USA people come here and don't know spanish will get what I'm sayin too. I'm from Puerto Rico and this is my main work right now. There will be more changes so stay tuned. Well as you all know the Atlanta Braves are winning their division. And Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine, our aces are on their way to another Cy Young if one of them keeps it going. Best team ever is here... Braves! chek'em
PLEASE excuse my english. I know it ain't the best one from a puertorican but it has help people that doesn't know spanish understand the page. I ain't perfect and no one is so if ya see an error on the page tell me where is it and I'll rewritre it correctly for you. THANX.
Puerto Rico is the most beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. But our people is confused because of our governor Dr. Rosello, who says that we should be the 51th State of USA. But, why? We won't have identity or Olympic teams, we'll just be another State controled by some Guy who isn't from Puerto Rico. You gotta realize that if we are Libres we won't be Sembrando yuca or doing some country work. We have some industries known all over the world like the Bacardi in San Juan, or Don Q from Serralles in Ponce. So don't be fooled by this Dictator (Dr.) Rosello guy, just follow your heart!!! And remember as the Greatest Puertorican ever, Pedro Albizu Campos , said: "El que niega su patria no valdra nunca nada, por que empieza por despreciarse a si mismo."(He who denies where he's from won't be nothing because he's denying himself). For more on Puerto Rico come here to check our History
Cual tu crees es la mejor opcion para Puerto Rico?

A-Be a state of the United States of America.

B-Seguir siendo estado libre asociado.

C-No te importa lo que pase.

D=SER LIBRE!!!!!!!!SIIII!!!!!!!!!!

E-Otro??? Que mas podria ser? Comunista??

Nombre E-mail Que tu crees?

Hey I like what I've been seen from the comments and the voting on this page, and I keep those messages filed on a folder. Keep sending your comments and advices. If you are gonna insult me, go ahead I don't care, I know ya do it because you know I'm correct and you can't accept it. I respect all opinions and if you don't agree with me is ok because that's why Rosello is were he is. It isn't Rosello's fault that we are like this, it's our fault because we elected him.

Some people have said to me that I ain't a Puertorrican just because I like rap from USA. Well maybe I'm African because I like Alpha Blondy too, or mexican because I like some of Luis Miguel's songs... Hey do USA's like the Spice girls or Bjork or like Mel Gibson in movies? Well I'm sorry to tell you this but THEY AIN'T AMERICANS!!!!! So if people from USA like them why can't I like Wu-Tang or Bob Marley? Hey in your life you like what you like because you are you and nothing more. You ain't me or I ain't you so I like whatever I want to like. You have a right to like whatever you want! So don't come to me sayin "Ya gotta like yur country music not mine or other's"... So now you Know --- FUCK everything they say to you...you will be Puertorrican if you like what's here or not! No one can take away the right that you have to choose what you want. I you let people decide for you in the things you can easily do you aren't respecting yourself. Express your self and be unique!
-Wanna see a cool graphic? Check it!(Wait until it loads... is a bit big) Go ahead refresh your mind and rest those fingers while it loads, it's funny.
My favorite music is Rap but I'm into Crystal Method, Daft Punk and other things.I used to like Guns N' Roses and other old rock bands. Jamaican reagge like Bob and Ziggy Marley, Shaggy... I also like puertorican rappers but they ain't known. Some people have critizied this part of the page just because it doesn't go with the rest of it. I put this thing here so people may know me and the kind of person that I am. Just because I like Rap doesn't makes me less puertorrican....

I also like the music of the best poet in the whole world Robi "Draco" Rosa... Now with pictures taken by me in the concert on August. And he is from Puerto Rico, from Ponce-Valle Real.

THIS is what I would say to our Governor Dr. Pedro Rosello. = LIBRE!

YANGO"S PAGE Page about our basketball, volkys and other stuff.
KING ELESAR"S Another puertorican so check it!
HELLO! More about Puerto Rico and alot of stuff.
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To finish this I would like to put a section about me so come HERE to learn some thing about me and my wise way of thinkin. Now with a picture of me and my sister. YEAH.
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DILE NØ A LA PRIVATIZACION DE LA TELEFONICA DE PUERTO RICO. Este es un paso a la independencia ya que se ve que el pueblo se revela contra la tirania del gobernador corrupto vende patria que tenemos y Estados Unidos. Si todo el pueblo se uniera, se podria vencer al enemigo. Esta es una gran oportunidad para una revolucion ya que el pais esta ansioso de cambios y esta revelde contra el gobierno. Si no se ataca ahora tal vez nunca mas se podra atacar... COÑO, DESPIERTA BORICUA!!!

Espero que todos hayan pasado bien el huracan Georges y esten con vida que es lo que vale. Imaginense si el Dictador este es JODON que los 10 millones de $ del plebicito no los quiere dar para ayudar a la isla...QUE CABRON ES ESE TIPO!

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