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As you can see the title of this page is "HISTORY". But history of what? My beautiful island of Puerto Rico? Well why would you want to know it? If you want to know the history of Puerto Rico you are mean and cruel because in our history there's only slavery and people from another place threating us wrong, hitting us, killing us. For example: Everything was great until Spain discovered the island in November 19, 1943. When they came in they took our rights and almost killed our traditions. We were in peace and harmony but why did they did that? I ain't mad at those people because in some way they helped us and we didn't knew what was happening but later on why does the USA came here? They really took us! And now is the same. We want freedom but we don't get it because we are scared! Yes, scared because some of us think that if the USA gets out of here we'll die of hunger. What? Ain't we the ones who run this country(exclouding the asshole in control now)? Ain't we the ones who get up early in the morning to go to work? USA people do that yes, but in their turf. In our turf (Puerto Rico) we are the ones who get fucked up everyday working very hard, not the USA's. We can do it! We are a strong nation, we have industries know all over the world. One is (or was because of the asshole mentioned earlier) the Puertorrican Telephone company (La telefonica de Puerto Rico) is very modern and the piece of asshole that we have for governor gave it for free. Once our people got fooled by the Asshole and his fucking card of medical attention (La tarjetita de salud) but why don't you stop and think this: Where can we use the damn card if he sells the Hospitals? The people who bought the hospital the asshole will sell for sure if we don't get him out of Puerto Rico, have all the rights to terminate it and build some condo's. What do you think now? Well maybe the card will be usefull to open a door without a key or something. Hey wake up they are exploding us, making money from us, USING US! If you care for this island and want to help just think what's better for it:

1.Loose our language, Olimpyc team and others, or:

2.Have our own identity.

But there's a solution that is good for both "teams" is to (this is an idea I had once) Talk over with the USA goverment and get to an agreement that will do this:

1.We will be with the USA for another 20 years. But when that time comes they will have to let the independence rule! Why 20 more years with the USA? Well we don't know how we are gonna do when we are alone so in that timewe'll prepare ourselfs in everyway and fix all the mistakes and errors so that when we'll be FREE we'll know what to do. If you are against me and with the asshole you may ask-Well ok but what do USA get from this?---Don't you think they've had enough??? And I know that in those 20 years the will explode us more and more and more, but when you really want and love something you fight for it and that's what we gotta do.

Some of you may ask too-What does this have to do with history if this is just a dream from a dreamer? Well the dreamer dreams that one day what is wrote here will come true.