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Pedro Albizu Campos

Lawyer, politican, revolutionary born in Ponce Puerto Rico on September 12, 1891. He studied at Vermont and Harvard, where he graduated with Honors from law school. Was part of the US armed forces in the World War I. Then he came back to Puerto Rico as a lawyer and went for the world of politics. Was a member of the "Partido Union de Puerto Rico." He traveled to SOuth America on an individual cruzade in favor of the independence of his country. In 1930 he became the president of the "Partido Nacionalista"where he defended the strategy of an armed battle to obtain Freedom from the USA. In 1936 was incarcerated, and in 1937 was acused for the "Masacre de Ponce". In 1950 he was condemed to 53 years in jail, but he was released shortly after. Then again in 1964 he was sent to jail. Hurt by all this battle and the jail he died in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April 21, 1965. At his funeral there were thousands of people marching with him in the soul. He was one of the bravest puertorricans ever trying for the Independece, something that some of us are still searching.